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Free 30-day trial of Oracle CRM on demand
Contact us to sign you up for no-obligation fully functional trial of Oracle CRM On Demand. Within that period we can tailor it to suit your needs and train your people to ensure quick adoption.

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CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is a company-wide business strategy designed to reduce costs and increase profitability by solidifying customer loyalty. True CRM brings together information from all data sources within an organization (and where appropriate, from outside the organization) to give one, holistic view of each customer in real time. Once thought of as a type of software, CRM has evolved into a customer-centric philosophy that must permeate an entire organization. There are three key elements to a successful CRM initiative: people, process, and technology. The people throughout a company-from the CEO to each and every customer service rep-need to buy in to and support CRM. A company's business processes must be reengineered to bolster its CRM initiative, often from the view of, how can this process better serve the customer? Firms must select the right technology to drive these improved processes through adoption of best practices, provide the best data to the employees, and be easy enough to use.

CS CRM Consulting Services help our clients improve performance by better anticipating, meeting and exceeding expectations of their customers. Our CRM solutions are based on Oracle Siebel CRM, a global CRM technology leader in Enterprise and SMB market.

If you would like more information we would be happy to meet you and discuss how CS can help you with your CRM initiative. Please contact us via email on info@cs.hr or telephone +385 1 3855 855.

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