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We are proud of long-term relations we maintain with our clients. We are also pleased for having the privilege to work with top companies and for having contributed to their successful development.

Security & Data Protection
In a networked world, security is a key question, especially if we take into consideration that every organisation can become a potential victim of omission or a target of intrusion at any moment. The vulnerability of a system can cause financial losses, harm the company reputation, reduce the revenue, and the recovery can be often very expensive and time-consuming.

CS Computer Systems provides entire services in connection with the security of information systems and data protection, from evaluation of the current status, checking the vulnerability of the system, solutions for the recovery of security up to the integration into the existing system, including delivery, implementation and maintenance.
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ISO 27001 &  BS7799-2 Consultants
First company in Croatia with BS7799-2:2002 CertificateIt is a very demanding job to adjust internal procedures and regulations, even for organisations with a high level of security. The ISO 27001 Standard defines which security controls need to be implemented, but the way of implementation is to a large extent left to the company itself. Detailed prearrangements are needed that could last for several months.
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