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ISO 9001 Certificate
CS Computer Systems is one of the first 15 Croatian companies that have acquiried ISO 9001 Certificate which assures that a quality management system within the firm is implemented.

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Our values determine the way we achieve our goals. They define what we stand for and how we do things. We believe into the following values:
  • Corporative values

    Concern and responsibility, freedom and underwriting, cooperation and confidence. These values determine our way of doing business, relations with clients, partners and individuals and our approach in solving business tasks.
  • Internal culture

    Values we tend to achieve within the company are based on communication, confidence and the acceptance of individual responsibility in all relationships. We are a young and friendly team, spending even our leisure time together in sports activities, parties, summer holidays and similar.
  • Social responsibility

    CS Computer Systems is a company with a long donation tradition. In view of the financial aid being necessary in a large number of different sectors of society, from sports to culture, aid after natural disasters and aid to the homeless, our decision is to care for and support children, old and disabled people.
    Assisted by other Cisco partners during Christmas time in 2007 we donated 140.000,00 HRK to the association “Krijesnica” (croatian word for “firefly”) to help the children and families faced with malignant diseases and in 2006 we donated 120.000,00 HRK to the Special Hospital for Chronic Diseases of Children in Gornja Bistra.
    In 2005, CS Computer Systems provided significant funds to the Zabok hospital. In 2004, we donated the SOS Children’s Village Lekenik, while in 2003 we decided to help Domagoj Solcanski and his family instead of sending New Years greeting cards.
  • Towards information society

    By being the one of the first companies on the Croatian ICT market, from the very beginning we have supported the Croatian society on its road to information society. In 2005, we supported the CARNet User Conference, dedicated to bring together users, researchers, scientists, IT experts and all of those who are willing to face IT challenges. In March 2006, we sponsored the 5th Cisco Systems conference, following the technology trends by organising workshops and lectures, as well as presenting new IT and network solutions.
    We are pleased that we have a long cooperation with the Department of Electroacoustics at the Faculty for Electrical Engineering and Computing.
    By donating the information equipment to those in need, especially to the schools and other education centres, we believe that we help the individuals as well as institution in learning more about information technology.
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