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Server and operating Systems

Server and operating Systems

In this era of high information flow and processing, it is an imperative to have enough resources capable of high quality and fast processing of such information in order to fulfil the operating requirements but also to gain competitive advantage, of vital significance for any organization regardless of its size and activities.

Tower servers are intended for small organizations, rack servers for medium-sized and large ones, while blade servers make an ideal solution for organizations in need of a large number of servers. The design of a blade server infrastructure provides it with some advantages compared to standard solutions, such as space and energy savings.

We have an extensive experience in design of Windows, Linux, OpenVMS and Unix platforms as the basic groups of operating systems implemented at our clients. Due to our numerous certified engineers and their experience in the field of servers and operating systems, many projects have been successfully implemented in compliance with the requirements of our business clients.

Our experience is a guarantee of superior design and responsible implementation of heterogeneous solutions with the use of innovative, progressive and scalable approach.