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Supervision and management of IT infrastructure

Supervision and management of IT infrastructure

In order to ensure uninterrupted and reliable operation of IT infrastructure it is important to have insight into the key parameters of operation of the devices within the systems and the systems themselves at all times. It is also important, in case of a breakdown or error, to find it out in the shortest time so that the reaction may follow as soon as possible in order to reduce the overall downtime. This is enabled by the use of a system for management and supervision of IT infrastructure.

Use of the system for supervision and management of IT infrastructure provides the administrators with:

  • Constant view of the key parameters of the system and the devices within the system,
  • Timely information on error by e-mail or SMS notification,
  • Management of configuration files of network devices,
  • Analysis and correlation of events related to IT system security,
  • Management of administrator access to network devices

In CS, we are working on the implementations and integrations of the systems of supervision and management in compliance with ISO defined FCAPS model ensuring stable IT systems to our clients. In this, we use the tools of the leading global IT manufacturers such as Zenoss or Cisco and open source solutions providing maximum modification and adaptability to our clients’ requirements.