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Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire

Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire

The results of the questionnaire are for our internal use only, serving for the improvement of our operations and customer relations. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at: ankete@cs.hr

1. For how long have you been doing business with CS Computer Systems?
2. Which of our solutions and/or services have you used? Several answers may be marked.
3. Considering the type of solution and/or service you used, would you please be so kind to evaluate it.
a) Computer solutions
b) Communication solutions
c) Audio and video solutions
d) Security solutions
e) IP solutions
f) IT consulting services
g) CRM solutions
4. Please evaluate the characteristics of the CS services mentioned below.
a) Professionalism
b) Expertise
c) Compliance with market trends
d) Technical support/maintenance
e) "good value for money"
5. Please grade CS engineers according to the characteristics mentioned below.
a) Expertise
b) Reliability
c) Speed of resolution of problems and failures
d) Kindness
6. Please evaluate CS sales personnel according to the characteristics mentioned below.
a) Expertise
b) Kindness
c) Communicativeness
d) Understanding of specific user needs"
7. How would you evaluate the failure report procedure according to the characteristics mentioned below?
a) Simplicity
b) Efficacy
c) Availability/Speed of responding to a call
8. How would you evaluate the position of CS on ICT market compared to competitors?
9. When you think of CS competitors, which is the company that first comes to your mind?
10. Would you recommend CS to your business partners?
11. Will you continue to use CS services?

Demographic questions

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