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Cameras and accessories

Cameras and accessories

The technological advances have created conditions for tapeless camcorders, as an opportunity seized by Panasonic to present P2 camcorder system using semi-conductor memory for storage of records, and recognized by CS as a key step in the evolution of TV and film production.

CS presents an integral portfolio of professional ENG (Electronic News Gathering) and EFP (Electronic Field Production) camcorders, slow motion cameras, small camcorders for event recording and studio chain cameras.

The emphasis is on a detailed integration of the material format and metadata into other production systems used in the work flow, with minimum interventions in the adjustment of contents and maximum preservation of quality.

Also with the advancement of mobile connectivity, cameras have additional potential for integration into the processes based on cloud servers, while camera is still in the field, which significantly saves time and increases efficacy and the time for news publication is drastically shortened.

In addition to cameras and camcorders, CS portfolio includes a great deal of auxiliary equipment of renowned manufacturers.